April 20, 2012

[GW2] Beta Weekend #1 Announcement, and Some Other Betas Too

Greetings folks, long time no see (assuming you only read the stuff I post on GW2 and not my other “fabulously witty” blogs on games).

Guild Wars 2: BWE#1

It was announced yesterday that the first BWE (Beta Weekend Event) is going to be next weekend, the 27th – 29th April 2012.

The beta will feature pretty much everything we’ve seen from the press weekend: norn, human, and charr starter areas, WvW PvP, structured PvP, and — for the first time ever — access to the city of Lion’s Arch. I assume the cash shop won’t be available.

More importantly, the BWE will not be under an NDA, so we can write, record, screenshot every moment of it and post it for all to see. It’s our first real taste of the game outside of the convention environment, and we can experience it to our heart’s content and tell everyone what we think.

I don’t know how well my PC will run GW2. I have 12 gig of RAM, an overclocked processor and motherboard, and a 580GTX graphics card with 1500mb of video RAM, but that doesn’t mean GW2 will play nice with my hardware setup. My plan is to record some video. I do, after all, have a YouTube channel, although there is only one video on it and it’s looking a bit lonely.

If I’m able to, I’d actually like to record some first-impressions style audio to go with it, but I’ve got no experience in doing so, and I’d rather just enjoy the game, so we’ll see how I get on. If it’s easy and straightforwards to set up, then that’s what you’ll be getting. If it’s not, it’ll just be annotated YouTube videos and blog posts.

I plan on playing all eight professions over the BWE if I can, but if life intrudes, you can be sure I’ll be covering my impressions on human Necromancer, norn Guardian, (race undecided) Elementalist, and charr Engineer. If I have time after that, Mesmer, Warrior, Thief, and Ranger will follow, in that order.

TERA Open Beta

The TERA open beta has started, allowing you to experience the 1-32 content for the hotly-anticipated “true action combat” MMORPG for yourself. I logged in last night to find that there seem to have been some slight graphical updates, a new starter experience, and an improved quest flow. General chat remains full of inane shit, of course, but that’s what happens in MMO beta testing! ¬_¬

While I still have my gripes about the nature of the questing experience, every time I log into the game I find that — in bursts — I really enjoy it. It’s only when I sit down over a more prolonged session that I find its gameplay repetitive, so I can whole-heartedly recommend checking it out. For diehard PvPers, I suspect TERA will be really good fun!

The dates are Thursday April 19th through Tuesday April 24th. Both PvE and PvP servers will be available. Full details available here.

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

With TERA and Diablo III launching within a week of each other, and with Blizzard undoubtedly wanting to hype up its own product and make people choose between it and TERA, it is no surprise that this weekend has been announced to be a Diablo III open beta weekend.

If you already have a account, you can log in, go to the game clients page, and download the D3 client, ready to log in later today when servers become available for everyone (about 8pm for those of us in the UK).

I haven’t had the opportunity to test D3, but it’s been on my “to buy” list for a while now. I have a copy preordered, but this open beta weekend will decide whether I keep that preorder or cancel it and buy TERA instead. (If I’m honest, as repetitive as I find the questing in TERA, I do love the game’s aesthetic and would like to see the later levels, if only until the 37 days gametime runs out.)

D3, on the other hand, I’m ordering for two not-particularly-great reasons: 1) because I never played D1 or D2, and 2) because I hope friends will be playing it. I’ve done this several times in the past — purchased games just to play with friends, rather than because I had any huge interest in the game myself — and the process has seen me crash and burn as many times as it has been successful.


So there we have it, exciting beta events coming down an internet connection near you! I’ll be filling you in on my thoughts of Diablo III, any more of the TERA open beta that I play, and of course GW2 come next weekend’s BWE.

Do note, however, that for the next six weeks, I’m working as a full time English teacher in a local secondary school, so I am unlikely to be blogging quite as much as I have done over the last few weeks, at least until things settle down. Those of you who’ve messaged me asking where all the GW2 content has gone can rest easy that there’ll be a lot come next weekend!



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