Heavensward Gear @ 60

[FFXIV] Gearing Up At Level 60 v3.05

So you hit level 60, finished off the rather epic main story quest, ran a few dungeons along the way, and you’re now looking to join the FFXIV: Heavensward endgame. Unlike those of you who joined the game late in the 2.XX...
by demajen


[FFXIV] Heavensward Early Access Progress #1

So Heavensward early access has started and it probably will surprise precisely zero of you that I’ve really been too busy playing to blog about the experience — though I have taken a lot of screenshots. Like a lot ...
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[FFXIV] Heavensward Jobs

Author’s Note: The original draft of this post was written back at the start of March but finishing/publishing was delayed due to work commitments. As a 34-year old man, and a teacher at that, I try and avoid the use of t...
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