[BBOWL] Demajen vs cKnoor, BB2 streamer

I’ve played Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl game since my teenage years, where we played second edition (I think) with actual miniatures and the Citadel Journal introduced rules for Lizardmen and Norse teams.

I wasn’t very good back then. I’m still not, but I won a couple of games with a Chaos team in the Cyanide Open League on the computer version, Blood Bowl 2, which I grabbed for PC just before Christmas.

My team had played 6 or 7 games when, after just finishing watching some tutorial videos about how to play as Chaos, I ended up being matched up with cKnoor, one of the guys who made the videos…

What ensued is a series of terrible dice rolls by me, as well as some canny plays by a superior coach. I didn’t have cKnoor’s livestream on while playing (because that would be cheating!) but was intrigued enough as to what he was saying about my play for me to go against my initial thoughts and actually watch his YouTube replay, since he uploaded it yesterday.

I can see plenty of plays that I could have made, should the dice have been with me, but seriously… Chaos vs Rats and I failed to knock down or injure so many players, it’s no surprise it was such a sound defeat.

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