[FFXIV] January Blog Update

Anybody who has followed my blog for any period of time knows that my interests wax and wane seemingly at random. I tend to focus on a specific game for a period of maybe 6 months, then get bored and move on. I get on average 1...
by demajen


[Gaming] Top Ten Games Played in 2014

2014 was a great year for games, in my opinion, and it caused me a few problems when coming up with a definitive list of games I have most enjoyed playing this year. There were some clear winners released this year, but also a ...
by demajen


[FFXIV] “Rush Plz” or “The Little BLM Who Wanted To Tank”

Because I am not Reddit, and because I have zero qualms about naming and shaming, let me take this opportunity to recount the tale of Achile Maitreflamme: “The Little Black Mage Who Wanted To Tank.” Generally speak...
by demajen