[FFXIV] Heavensward Jobs

Author’s Note: The original draft of this post was written back at the start of March but finishing/publishing was delayed due to work commitments. As a 34-year old man, and a teacher at that, I try and avoid the use of t...
by demajen


[FFXIV] Poor Impulse Control: Heavensward Edition

I’m trying to save money for a car. I have been for a while, but “stuff” keeps getting in the way. It doesn’t help that I have really poor impulse control and money management skills. Naturally when the ...
by demajen


[FFXIV] January Blog Update

Anybody who has followed my blog for any period of time knows that my interests wax and wane seemingly at random. I tend to focus on a specific game for a period of maybe 6 months, then get bored and move on. I get on average 1...
by demajen